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1” Heart Buckle

Heart Buckle

Customized products are not accepted for returns or exchanges. Stock items can be exchanged and credit used towards either stock or custom. Alterations are sometimes possible as an option. Contact us for details. Customer responsible for all shipping. All items must be returned in original unworn condition or they can't be accepted.

Heart Buckle


1” Heart Buckle





Measurement (Elastic Length, in.)

Measurement Type

Must complete all options to place order.

Measurement Instructions


Do not enter the breech size as that can vary several inches based on body type and breech style.

Option 1) Measure where the belt will be worn. This measurement will be different for mid-rise vs. low rise. Enter the measurement and specify “Body measurement”.


Option 2 ) Total belt length. If you want the same size as a current elastic belt you currently have then enter that measurement and specify “Belt length”.

Option 3) elastic length. If you want the elastic a certain length regardless of buckle size enter the measurement and  specify “Elastic length”.

*Many elastics have different stretches and buckles are different lengths.  Please keep that in mind if you are specifying the elastic or belt length.

We can guarantee the best fit if a body measurement is provided.




Select Buckle



Must complete all options to place order.

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